Italy : COVID-19 16/03/2020

This is a multilinear regression based on the data published by the Istituto Superiore di Sanita “Epidemia COVID-19 Aggiornamentao nazionale 16 marzo 2020 -ore 16:00”

The data pattern and analysis reveals quite different from the data here analysed concerning France.

Lombardia looks apart from the other regions.

Emillia Romagna looks in the statistical range of other regions.

Population plays the main role, in contrast to France where density of population supersedes. I’m inclined to believe that after a delay (the 2 to 3 weeks to come ?), in France, the intrinsic population number will supersede. But, still, the demographic structure in France, with a high disequilibrium resulting from political centralization, has a specific incidence.

I’m puzzled with the statistics for Italy. The correlation coefficient is weaker than in France, despite more degrees of freedom and more cases.

Hopefully some of my Italian friends will have an explanation or provide guidelines for a further investigation.

Italy 1603b



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